Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Three staff members of UI Business Services – Josey Bathke, Mia Brunelli, and Lori Skoff – were identified by 2022 graduates for making a difference in their lives. Business Services is committed to supporting students through employment opportunities, campus partnerships and service initiatives, and mentorship. The department thanks all staff members for making a difference in the experience of students and recognizes these outstanding staff members:  

  • Josey Bathke, Risk Management 

  • Mia Brunelli, CAMBUS 

  • Lori Skoff, Parking Services 

Annually the University of Iowa administers a Senior Exit Survey to all UI undergraduates at the time they file to graduate. The survey asks students about their experiences at UI and faculty or staff who made a difference for them during their time at Iowa. In 2022, graduating seniors identified 1,100 faculty and staff for making a positive difference in their lives during their time at the University of Iowa.